Michael Weaver
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  • Michael Weaver 32 days ago
    The Ace of Cups contains complementary concepts to the Ace of Swords. The Ace of Cups works with the watery nature of feelings and emotions, aspects of experience which often make little or no sense to the analytical nature of the intellect.

    While feelings and emotions can't be "cut through" in a meaningful manner, they can be "cupped" and held - allowing one to develop a relationship to what they are directly experiencing.

    This is a different type of energetic than the "cutting action" of the intellect. While a sword works through swiftness, a cup simply sits there and maintains an empty space that water can settle into.

    For me, this card evokes the Taoist concept of "actionless action", the value of "not-doing" to pave the way for new insights to just spring up and emotions to settle.