Mystic Physics - Vol I
Principles & Theory

  • Mystic Physics - Vol I 33 days ago
    The concept for "Mystic Physics" sprang forth from a passage that I read in a memoir by Andre Vandenbroeck, entitled Al-Kemi. In this book, Vandenbroeck shares details from his experiences with R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

    While the writings of Rene Schwaller are considered controversial within the field of Egyptology, Vandenbroeck puts a decidedly different spin on this enigmatic persona.

    From Vandenbroeck's perspective (and based upon his personal encounters), Schwaller was more of an Alchemist than anything — completely shifting my perspective on his (Schwaller's) writings.

    One quote that stuck with me was Schwaller's claim that "all science lies between the numbers One and two". This simple quote piqued my curiosity and led me to explore even older works focusing on Pythagorean Number Theory.

    Although it has taken me close to ten years to digest certain aspects of Vandenbroeck's work, it does appear that Schwaller's comment regarding the relationship between science and number (or Science and Number) does have more than just a bit of merit.