Mystic Physics - Vol I
Principles & Theory

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    Appendix IV - Western Cosmology

    While the Eastern model of the Universe posited by Taoist philosophy is still actively applied within a wide range of disciplines including Traditional Chinese Medicine and the martial art of Taiji, a similar model found within the West has all but been forgotten.

    I will be the first to admit that this is not surprising in the least — especially considering that I too would have overlooked this model as well without my previous exposure to the Eastern thought streams of Taoism and Zen.

    The Western model of the Universe bears a striking resemblance to the Eastern model, particularly when the graphical depictions of the two models are placed side- by-side with one another. Just as the Eastern model of the Universe can be traced back to the Taoist philosophers of Ancient China, the Western model that we shall explore is often credited to the Hermetic philosophers found throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Egypt.

    Both models can be interpreted as beginning with the concept of a “Great Void”, an Unbroken Whole from which the phenomenal universe naturally arises from. This concept of Unbroken Unity, representing the One Absolute, can be viewed as the initial state of Intelligence, Consciousness, or Perception that is the True Nature of the Universe.

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