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  • Pythagorean Number Theory 34 days ago
    Proportions in Art & Science

    I wrote this paper a little over a year and a half ago to illustrate the relationship between 1 and 2, which naturally gives rise to 3 in Pythagorean Number Theory, which can be interpreted as being based upon "wholes".

    By beginning from a holistic, instead of fragmentary approach, towards Number an altogether different perspective on mathematics appears to arise — one that is primarily Geometric, instead of algebraic in its Nature.

    If the Universe is taken as a Whole, in the form of The Absolute, this dictates the use of division, instead of division, to create "all these separate things" (the 10,000 things of Lao Tzu and the Taoist philosophers) instead of addition.

    Although fragmentation arises, everything is held in reference (measured proportion) to the original Whole, creating a web of perception similar to the concept of "Indra's Net" as described by Alan Watts in his lectures.

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