Michael Weaver
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  • Michael Weaver 34 days ago
    July 4th, 2020

    Today marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress in 1776, resulting in the holiday being known in the United States as Independence Day.

    This document is unique in that it explicitly stated that all men [now humans] are created equal. As we are seeing today, this value is a difficult one to uphold, not only in our present era, but throughout history as well.

    While the framers of this country have not been without their foibles, the truth of the matter is that "we the people" still have much work to do.

    For this year's fourth, how can each of us help make this ideal a reality for all people. Put another way, how can we grow this nation so that it can realize the spiritual goals commemorated on this day more than two centuries ago?