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  • Michael Weaver 34 days ago
    David Bohm - On Fixed World Views
    After watching the movie, "Infinite Potential", last weekend, I've been refreshing my perspectives and taking another look at "Wholeness & the Implicate Order".

    I find Bohm's writings fascinating, not only are they depthy, but it appears that he took great care in explaining his ideas from the ground up. Even though the books are "technical" in nature, they are remarkably approachable - provided one takes the time to ponder Bohm's perspective.

    Bohm is quite cautionary in attempts to develop "unifying" or "holistic" theories based upon different "parts" together, as he states in the following quote from the book mentioned above (p. 21 in the paperback Routledge edition with the butterfly):

    Nor will it be useful to try to impose some fixed kind of integrating or unifying "holistic" principle on our self-world view, for, as indicated earlier, any form of fixed self-world view implies that we are no longer treating our theories as insights or way of looking but, rather as 'absolutely true knowledge of things as they really are'. So, whether we like it or not, the distinctions that are inevitably present in every theory, even an 'holistic' one, will be falsely treated as divisions, implying separate existence of the terms that are distinguished (so that, correspondingly, what is not distinguished in this way will be falsely treated as absolutely identical).

    We have thus to be alert to give careful attention and serious consideration to the fact that our theories are not 'descriptions of reality as it is' but, rather,  ever-changing forms of insight, which can point to or indicate a reality that is implicit and not describable or specifiable in its totality.

    Bohm, "Wholeness & the Implicate Order", p. 21

    I find this perspective of an "unfolding understanding" of the perspective we are presented with both intriguing and inspiring — encouragement for anyone engaged with a path of life-long learning.